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Flexible stone veneer

Flexible stone veneer is a veneer with a layer of stone 1 to 5 mm thick. Flexible stone veneers should not be confused with traditional stone is used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required.

Flexible Stone Veneer Villani Leonello Cork Fabric

Flexible REAL Stone! We are glad to announce this new product from original layers of rocks. This extremely thin stone is supported by a fleece made of cellulose fibers. The backing used gives enough strength and flexibility. The material is a genuine natural stone surface and it is served in size of 1220 x 610 mm.

What Is Thin Stone Veneer?

This is very different from the manufactured stone, which can be referred to by many names: faux stone, artificial stone, or flexible stone. While they may look similar at first glance, the quality of the natural thin stone veneer is not something that can be replicated. Which Thin Stone Veneer Is Right for You?

Flexible Stone EA Stone Group Global

EA-Stone Group does not believe in any project being too large or small. Every project is equally important, regardless of size. We are fully committed to every square foot of Thin Stone Veneer processed to ensure that it is properly installed. No minimum orders required.

Thin Stone Veneers Stone Center

Thin Stone Veneers Overview Thin Stone Veneer is either a light-weight precast, designed to look like real stone or actual stone, sliced thin to be installed as a veneer on the walls of homes and buildings. These products were designed to be place on pre-existing walls without the addition of extra foundational support, but over []

Thin Stone Veneer Natural Building Materials

We carry a huge selection of thin stone veneer for your interior and exterior projects. For your walls, chimneys, fire pits, fireplaces, kitchens, and more, our specialists are here to help you pick the perfect thin stone veneer to match your design needs.

: Sample Thin Flexible Natural Stone Veneer

: Sample - Thin Flexible Natural Stone Veneer Sheet Black Slate: Home Improvement.

Flexible stone veneer

Flexible stone veneer is a veneer with a layer of stone 1 to 5 mm thick. Flexible stone veneers Flexible stone veneer is made from a thin layer of stone stripped or peeled from a metamorphic stone marble chips or slab, rather than cutting from

Thin Stone Veneer Salado Texas Quarries

One of Salados most requested products, our natural thin stone veneer can be used anywhere in the country for both interiors or exteriors. When installed, it

The original StoneVeneer Your partner for SlateLite

Slate-Lite is your partner for paperthin real stone veneers since 15 years. We produce stone veneers with a 100% natural stone surface, but just 1,5mm thin and

Thin Stone Veneer Products Earth Anatomy

Earth Anatomy is a natural, thin stone veneer that combines the traditional features of natural stone with remarkable new ones like flexibility and light

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