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What Is An Automatic SelfCleaning Strainer?

What Is An Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer? An automatic self-cleaning strainer is a motorized industrial strainer that is used for coninuous removal of solids from liquid in pipeline strainers. Its ideal for use in plant operations when you need uninterrupted flow of liquids for your manufacturing processes.


MECHANICALLY CLEANED STRAINERS AND FILTERS (particle retention as fine as 15 microns to ?) Mechanically cleaned strainers and filters are used for both water and non-water applications to minimize lost product during the cleaning cycle. This type of automatic strainer is also used for viscous and other difficult to handle fluids.

Automatic SelfCleaning Strainer Forsta Filters

A self-cleaning strainer (or self-cleaning filter) is a type of water filter which utilizes system pressure to clean itself. Forsta self-cleaning strainers will remove unwanted particles from a water source in the 5-4,000 micron range and at flow rates ranging from 10gpm up to many thousands of gpm in large applications.

Automatic SelfCleaning Filters

Since 2004 our technicians have been developing filtration systems allowing us to become specialists on self-cleaning mesh filters. The feasibility of Filternox? Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters is proved to be higher than nearly all types of filters including sand filters, cyclones, strainers, separators etc.

Self Cleaning Strainers Self Cleaning Pipe Strainers

Manufacturer of Self Cleaning Strainers - Self Cleaning Pipe Strainers, Automatic Sea Water Self Cleaning Strainer on Skid, Back Flushing Strainer and Duplex Self Cleaning Strainer offered by Veekay Process Instruments, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Automatic 100 microns Self Cleaning Filter strainer

Automatic 100 microns Self Cleaning Filter strainer Industrial Filter Housing carbon steel material . Description: U-ZC-S Filter can quickly remove impurities from the surface of filtering screens, thus removing more impurities with high efficiency. It applies to the filtration of water and various low viscous liquids.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filters Industrial Filters Strainers

Eatons automatic self cleaning filters and pipeline strainers protect your valuable equipment from debris. Automatic filtration assures continuous flow, simplified

Automatic Backwash Filter (selfcleaning) BOLLFILTER

aquaBoll? Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter, backwashable strainer with Flange Connection: DN 40 - DN 300 / 1 1/2 - 12; Filter element: wire-mesh

Automatic SelfCleaning Family Hayward Gordon

Automatic self-cleaning strainers are used to strain fresh, brackish, or . provide metal-to-metal sealing and prevents bypass around the element .. Profile Wire.

SelfCleaning Screen Filters LAKOS Filtration Solutions

COARSE STRAINER HEAVY DUTY LS 1028 A Self Cleaning Screen Filters Continuous automatic operation, requires no operator intervention, ideal for floating debris) as well as sand, grit and inorganic particles to a fine micron level.

How Our SelfCleaning Filters Work Rotorflush

The same self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear on all our products. The automatic backwash keeps the filter screen clean and free from debris without The very efficient self-cleaning action allows fine filter meshes to be fitted Our self-cleaning filters and strainers, whatever their size, all work on the

Amiad SelfCleaning Strainers for Water Filtration

These two parameters are the key tools used in the “art” of screen filtration. Three common methods the operating principles of a fully automatic self-cleaning suction scanning screen strainer are given in WEDGE WIRE. 500 micron. 43%.


Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers are continuous filters that capture solids from Cleanable in line strainer can be made from perforated plate, wire mesh, edge

Industrial : Filtaworx Screen Filters Yardney

Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filters organic contaminant as well as sand, grit and other inorganic contaminants with fine mesh filtration down to 250 mesh

Filternox Automatic SelfCleaning Filters Strainers

Filternox automatic self-cleaning filters work non-stop! Our special high energy back-flushing system avoids screen blockages from oil and grease. Our surface water filtration units provide both coarse and fine screens for lake and river

Self Cleaning Filters Manual and Automatic (High Pressure

Self cleaning filters for liquid duties requiring continuous filtration without Ideal for high viscosity liquids; Used where an automatic cleaning strainer is required element is manufactured from stainless steel; Fine stainless steel mesh lined

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